​​​​​​the fix


Who is in your network and how are they helping you in your sequel?

Created by women and for women, we provide a network from which you can grow. You are not alone in this. Connect to other women who have served and are pursuing their sequel. Together, we’ll go far.


We're giving you access to ambitious women across all of today's major industries.  These women are at the top of their game and committed to empower and encourage you in your journey.

How to negotiate your salary?

How to be a boss without being bossy?

How to balance home and work life while maintaining a competitive edge?

WOMENtors are standing by to discuss general need-to-knows, as well as details pertaining to your industry of interest. 

the problem

In the next 5 years, 1 million service members

will transition from the military. Roughly 100,000 of those service members will be women.

Women veterans are sharp and driven, fierce and focused. Their experiences in leadership, strategic thinking, and problem solving are valued and needed in today’s workforce, yet there is a disconnect.

Women are struggling to make successful and satisfying transitions.

A NETWORK and mentorship platform FOR female veterans

We provide women access and exposure through mentorship, while building out a supportive and empowered community. ​​

the stats

When asked about their transition from the military...

  • 59% of women stated it was more difficult than they anticipated compared to 47% of men
  • 9% of women stated their transition was smooth compared to 18% of men
  • 24% ​of women stated their transition was confusing compared with 19% of men
  • 30% of women stated they were satisfied with their transition compared to 40% of men 

Reference: www.military-transition.org